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TOWARD A NUCLEAR FREE WORLD was first launched in 2009 with a view to raising and strengthening public awareness of the urgent need for non-proliferation and ushering in a world free of nuclear weapons. Read more

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Disarmament Conference Ends with Ambitious Goal – But How to Get There? – Japanese





Solo hay una forma de evitar la guerra nuclear

GOTEMBURGO, Suecia (IPS) – La Comisión de Canberra sobre la eliminación de las armas nucleares estaba integrada por líderes políticos o militares de antaño, entre otros un mariscal de campo británico, un secretario de Defensa estadounidense y un primer ministro francés.

Opinion: Can Nuclear War be Avoided?

GÖTEBORG, Sweden (IPS) – The Canberra Commission on the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons had as members former leading politicians or military officers, among others a British Field Marshal, an American General, an American Secretary of Defence and a French Prime Minister.

The commission unanimously agreed in its report in 1996 that “the proposition that nuclear weapons can be retained in perpetuity and never be used – accidentally or by decision – defies credibility. The only complete defence is the elimination of nuclear weapons and assurance that they will never be produced again.”

So that’s it: Nuclear weapons will be used if they are allowed to remain with us. And even a “small” nuclear war, using one percent or less of the world’s nuclear weapons, might cause a worldwide famine leading to the death of a billion humans or more. [P26] ITALIAN | JAPANESE TEXT VERSION PDF | PORTUGUESESPANISH

‘Generation of Change’ Pleads for Walking the Nuclear Abolition Talk

By Ronald Joshua

HIROSHIMA (IDN) – A new ‘Generation of Change’ is making its presence felt, pledging to walk the talk over the last 70 years in a clarion call for freeing the world of 16,000 to 17,000 nuclear weapons that continue “to threaten every single person with the prospect of a cruel and inhumane death”. [P25] CHINESE TEXT VERSION PDF | GERMAN | JAPANESE TEXT VERSION PDF | KOREAN TEXT VERSION PDF | NORWEGIAN | SWEDISH



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