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TOWARD A NUCLEAR FREE WORLD was first launched in 2009 with a view to raising and strengthening public awareness of the urgent need for non-proliferation and ushering in a world free of nuclear weapons. Read more

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The Vatican Secretary of State Stresses the Significance of Disarmament for Integral Security after Pandemic

By Devin Watkins, Vatican News

This article was first published on March 29 in the Vatican News.

Photo: File photo of the test of a nuclear weapon. Source: The Vatican

THE VATICAN (IDN) — Integral security must be anchored to “solidarity, justice, integral human development, the respect for fundamental human rights, and the care for creation.”

This call—launched by Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin—could sum up the speeches and reflections offered by participants in a webinar held on March 23. [2021-03-30]

The NPT–From Promise to Reality

Viewpoint by Sergio Duarte

The writer is Ambassador, former High Representative of the United Nations for Disarmament Affairs and current President of Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs

Photo: Opening session of the 2015 NPT Review Conference. Credit: UN photo/Loey Felipe

NEW YORK (IDN) — “How can we—the non-nuclear-weapon States—be expected to enter into an interminable obligation to remain non-nuclear if the nuclear-weapon States are engaged in an interminable nuclear escalation?” (Alva Myrdal, Head of the Swedish delegation at the ENDC – Final verbatim record of the 363rd Meeting of the Conference of the 18-Nation Disarmament Committee, February 1968. ENDC/PV.363, 4-12) [2021-03-27]

The UK Defies Nuclear Treaties and Strengthens Atomic Arsenal

By Jamshed Baruah

Photo: A Trident missile launched from a submerged ballistic missile submarine. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

GENEVA (IDN) — Within three months of the UK’s complete withdrawal from all institutions of the European Union and from the European Atomic Energy Community on January 31, 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided to increase by 40 per cent to 260 the country’s nuclear arsenal to “continue to be the leading European Ally within NATO”. Disarmament activists and experts as well as world parliamentarians have criticized the decision. [2021-03-22|33] ITALIAN | JAPANESE TEXT VERSION PDF | SWEDISH | THAI

Instead of Increasing Nuclear Stockpile, the UK Should Be Leading The Way on Disarmament

Viewpoint by the Bishop of Coventry

The author is the Rt Rev Christopher Cocksworth. He is writing this article on behalf of the Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. This article was first published on March 19, 2021.

Photo: Peace Park in Hiroshima where a flame will continue to burn until there are no more nuclear weapons in the world. (Credit: Unsplash)

LONDON (IDN | Christian CND) — The past several months have seen politicians and civil society, church leaders and groups (Christian CND courageously among them) combine efforts to raise awareness of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), and to encourage the UK government to lead the way among nuclear weapons-states in joining this treaty. [2021-03-20]

Gorbachev’s Legacy After 30 Years of the Soviet Union’s Disintegration

By Andrei Grachev

Photo: Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

A Russian historian, political analyst and journalist, Dr Andrei Grachev, was the adviser for Mikhail Gorbachev and official Spokesman of the President of the USSR until his resignation in December 1991. InDepthNews is re-publishing this article courtesy of Other News. Original link >

MOSCOW (IDN) — Two books were published practically simultaneously in Great Britain and France to commemorate the forthcoming 30th anniversary of the breakup of the Soviet Union. [2021-03-05]

Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons: The Role of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands

Viewpoint by Moritz Kütt, Jan Hoekema and Tom Sauer *

The English version of this article was first published in The Toda Peace Institute‘s Global Outlook on February 28, 2021.**

Photo: A possible scenario after a 10-kiloton nuclear detonation centered on Arnhem in the Netherlands. Credit: Dennis van Zuijlekom/Flickr

TOKYO (IDN) — On January 22, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons entered into force. The new agreement also called the Nuclear Ban Treaty, prohibits member states from developing, producing, testing, and stockpiling nuclear weapons. It similarly restricts the use and the threat of use of these weapons. [2021-03-04]

UN Youth4Disarmament Recognized by ‘Billion Acts of Peace’

By Devinder Kumar

Image credit: UN

NEW DELHI (IDN) — Disarmament is at the heart of the collective security system set out in the United Nations Charter, with its goal to “save succeeding generations from the scourge of war”. In commemoration of the United Nation’s 75th anniversaries and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) established the “75 Words for Disarmament Youth Challenge”, which was launched on August 12 International Youth Day and closed on September 26, the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. [2021-02-28 | 32] ARABIC | HINDI | JAPANESE TEXT VERSION PDF | NORWEGIAN

Nuclear Modernization Race Continues Despite New START

By J C Suresh

Photo: The Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine USS Louisiana transits the Hood Canal in Puget Sound, Wash., Oct. 15, 2017, as it returns to its homeport following a strategic deterrent patrol. Photo By: Navy Lt. Cmdr. Michael Smith | DOD

TORONTO | WASHINGTON, D.C. (IDN) — While independent arms control experts around the world heaved a sigh of relief at Joe Biden’s signature decision to extend the New START Treaty with Russia through February 4, 2026, Pentagon officials say it is “just the beginning of a larger discussion with Russia and China about placing further limits on nuclear weapons proliferation”. [2021-02-28 | 31GERMAN | JAPANESE TEXT VERSION PDF | RUSSIAN | SWEDISH

The Creative and Destructive Aspects of Homo Sapiens

Viewpoint by Sergio Duarte

The writer is Ambassador, former High Representative of the United Nations for Disarmament Affairs and current President of Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs

Image: Collage of Hubble Ultra Deep Field includes galaxies of various ages, sizes, shapes, and colours (left) and Atomic bombings of Nagasaki.

NEW YORK (IDN) — We do not know exactly how many millennia ago human beings started their ascent among other species to become dominant over the planet. We can, however, pinpoint with certainty in the Industrial Revolution the beginning of the rapid development of science, manufacturing techniques, trade and other skills that allowed unprecedented material progress particularly since the second half of the last century. [2021-02-25]

A Beacon of Hope from A Buddhist Leader in the Face of Crises

Viewpoint by Ramesh Jaura

Photo: SGI President Daisaku Ikeda. Credit: Seikyo Shimbun

BERLIN | TOKYO (IDN) — Like the United Nations, the global community-based Buddhist organisation Soka Gakkai International (SGI) is a beacon of hope to a world shrouded by dark clouds of unprecedented crises. An international association of the Soka Gakkai and an NGO in consultative status with UN ECOSOC, SGI has members in 192 countries and territories around the world. SGI President is Daisaku Ikeda, a Buddhist philosopher, peacebuilder and educator. [2021-02-18 | 30] JAPANESE TEXT VERSION PDF | SPANISHTHAI

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